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Hello there!  I think that the best thing about having this blog is going to be the fact that I can share my various tips and tools that I have found useful along my Zentangle journey.   You will also learn pretty quickly if you haven’t already that I try very hard not to take myself too seriously!

So, let’s start with the one I get asked about most of all – my Mag Eyes!   Mag Eyes are a super light-weight headband style magnifier.   I am pretty sure they were developed with crafters and hobbyists in mind as the marketing pictures show a cross stitcher and a model maker.




The have two versions.  The one I like has the #5 and #7 lenses included and magnify 2.25 and 2.75x normal.   They work right over my glasses, – which is not the case for many of the headband magnifiers that jewelers use.   There are other kinds of headband mag glasses out there, and I have tried a few others, but have come back to these each time.   Simple works!

I have been wearing them for two years now.  Can’t tangle without them.   Actually, truth be told, I have two pair, so that when this ADD girl misplaces the one pair, I can grab the other pair, get to my tangling and wait patiently for the “Gremlin of Things Gone Missing” to return them.


MagEyes Magnifier with #5 and #7 Lenses



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