HI everyone!!  I will make a full blown blog post about this project, complete with an explainer video of why I chose what I chose and did what I did, but for now, here are the basics and links to the products I used!

Meeden Empty Watercolor Tin:  space for 48 half pans. Comes with empty half pans but if you want to magnetize them, and keep them in this case, you will want to buy different pans.

Booyee Empty Watercolor Half PansIf you want to magnetize the bottoms, you will have to toss the ones that come with the Meeden tins because the magnets don’t stick very well to the ones that come with the Meeden tin.

Magnetic Sheets (20 mils thick) – for adding magnets to bottom of pans and also swatches – There are squares and dots but none would cover as nicely as hand cut ones.

Swatches were all done on watercolor paper.  Large watercolor paper cards were cut 1.5 inches by 4,  then painted, taped (so they wouldnt move around) into laminating sheets  and then laminated and single hole punched.  Used snapping key rings to put them all together.

Small swatches for pans also done on watercolor paper.   For the sets that are full sets and wont need to be rearranged, I printed out a grid that fit 48 little squares and laminated it, .    Used glue dots to attach little square swatches to grid.   Then used glue dots to attach it to inside of lid.

I hand poured the Daniel Smith’s from tubes.   For my Daniel Smith’s which I will want to be able to move around as I invest in new colors, not only are the pans themselves magnetic, I also put magnets on the back of the swatches themselves.  These are attached right to the tin which is receptive to magnetization.

For my Kois and GraphTints, I pulled them out of the plastic pans they came in, and used glue dots to attach the pans to the inside of the new half pans.  I labeled the sides of all the half pans with color name and number so I know exactly where they go if I take them out to travel.  I also did this for the Inktense, which are blocks that I used an Exacto knife to cut.    None of these small swatches are magnetized as they are full sets of 72.  The swatches are attached to the laminated grids and the grids attached to the inside of the tin with glue dots.

More videos and pictures later.  In the meantime you can always contact me by email or through FB messenger if you have questions.




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