About Heidi Kay, Certified Zentangle® Teacher

Hi there!!  Welcome to my website!  I am Heidi Kay, CZT#33 – better known as “HK Tangler.”

I discovered Zentangle® in the summer of 2018 while cleaning out my mother’s art studio.   While I am not sure if Zentangle was a message to me from the universe, or God, or from my mom herself, – Zentangle and I were meant to find each other, and I am unspeakably grateful that it did.  Telling my Zentangle Story still gives me goosebumps even today.

To say it bluntly, Zentangle has changed my life.  Finding the joy of the present moment with that single black Micron pen, opened up a whole new world for me – that of mindfulness.   Merely weeks into my Zentangle practice, I made a conscious decision that I wanted to learn to live my entire life the way I live it when I am tangling: “One Stroke at a Time.” Since committing to this intention, I have found a new purpose:  To live as my authentic self – “Out Loud”, “In Living Color”, and “Outside the Box”.

Most mornings I can be found tangling in simple black and white, usually doing a challenge from the wonderful Square One Purely Zentangle group on Facebook.    I love traditional black and white work.  I squeal when I look up to discover that while tangling in the moment, I have created something fun and unique.

But alas it was inevitable (as daughter of a master quilter), that I would reach out beyond the traditional, for unique ways to combine color and Zentangle together.   A newly minted CZT, beside myself with the initials after my name, I found myself spending countless hours (and even more money on art supplies) looking for ways for me to have both my color – and my Zen – simultaneously.

That mission – to create in color while keeping the “Zen” in Zentangle – has become the main theme of my Zentangle Inspired Art workshops.   Join me in a class and I will teach you how to marry peaceful Zentangle linework and color together for a nearly traditional Zentangle experience.  You will also learn best practices for laying down and tangling over color backgrounds. My goal is to share with you all the tips and tricks I have learned – so that when we are done you can return to your own art studio and tangle with color -in complete confidence.

Enough about me!  I hope to meet YOU soon!   I would be honored to spark your passion!  Feel free to contact me any time with questions you have about my live workshops and my growing library of video on demand classes.  Browse my Vimeo Channel, a gallery of my work, my blog, and my social media accounts for even more inspiration   I look forward to hearing from you!   Happy Tangling!!