Hello!   I am Heidi Kay. Thank you for your interest in my new tangle, Cassatt – and welcome to my brand new website!  Please post your black and white tiles to Square One Purely Zentangle to share them with our community!

I am very honored to be featured this week on Square One Purely Zentangle and I am grateful to Chris Titus who so kindly helped me coordinate the feature of my new tangle Cassatt, with the launch of my website so that y’all might see it.   I’d like to invite you to please poke around while you are here and learn more about me.   You can take a look at my other tangles, try one of my free full length workshops and check out my growing collection of video demos.   To get notified as more blog posts and videos go up, please subscribe to my blog (in the top right on this page)   I hope you enjoy Cassatt.  I can’t wait to see what you do with it.  Don’t forget to post your tile to Square One! — Heidi x      7/2/21

I was playing around with another tangle when Cassatt happened.  In a hurry, I put down the tile I was working on and grabbed another one to flesh out the idea in my head.   Lilacs, as viewed from above!  I murmured to myself.

In a flash, I was carried back to the front steps of my childhood split level 1970’s era home on Tamarack Road, in Natick, MA.  Standing on the top of those narrow concrete steps, I waited for my mom to greet me as I returned from grade school.


I leaned over the wobbly and rust speckled cast iron railing (looking for bumblebees first) to smell one of the tall and considerably overgrown lilac bushes that flanked me on both sides of the stairs.  Fragrant and lovely.  The door opened with a great big grin and hug.   Mom stretched out her hand for my lunchbox.  I was home.



Cassatt can be drawn as a geometric pattern or organically.  Here are some other ideas for it.



I hope you enjoy Cassatt!  Here is the stepout, a video and couple other links.

Here is the stepout for Cassatt.

Here is a Video Demonstration of Cassatt


Other Links: 

Free Workshop Featuring Cassatt on the Tangled Yogi YouTube Page

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Cassatt Demonstrated on YouTube by The Tireless Tangler



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