Flutch is a tangle that came to me while I was drawing Boofont, by Joanna Quincey.   I started playing with the idea of
Hollibaugh-ing under the leaves with a triangle shape.   A couple hours later, *this* had happened.

The name? Well that is a lovely story. When I was a child my mom started to sing me a silly made up song about how “She loves me very much”. She paused to find a word that would rhyme with the previous line. Ever since then, the mythical Flutch has lived in the Yum Yum Tree living with his friend “The Elephant.”


Those of you who know me even a little bit, know that my mother was my muse and the source of all my creativity and love of color and patterns.  She was also the source of all my silliness and from whom I learned never to take yourself too seriously and to embrace your inner goof.   Indeed it was fitting to name this tangle after the funny bird whose name rhymes with “I love you so much.”

Oh, and it was only after I had named the pattern did I see its resemblance to Rick’s Flux.    ❤️

I especially love Flutch as a festive tangle and it works great as a window frame as well.   You can also use it organically!  I believe I show examples of that in the video.

You can see more of my tiles of Flutch at the bottom of this post.

Enjoy!!!  I know the Flutch and the Elephant are sitting in the Yum Yum Tree, quite tickled for their fifteen minutes of fame!!


Here is the stepout for Flutch

Flutch is best drawn by turning your tile repeatedly.   Check out the video on this page for an excellent companion to the stepout.

Here is a Video Demonstration of Flutch



Here are some of my creations with Flutch




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