This tangle, Hartfents, came to me in February 2021, while playing with hearts on a grid during the Valentangle challenge.   It’s a pretty easy tangle and if hearts don’t speak to you, you can put a circle or a square or a diamond, or whatever you like as the intersection elements of the grid.  There are a couple of ways you can draw it and this post will show you both in separate video demonstrations.

Speaking of Hearts, if you are not familiar with the February Zentangle community event, “Valentangle,”  you should definitely keep an eye out for it a the beginning of each calendar year, you should definitely check it out.

Valentangle runs throughout February annually, and has been lovingly created and run the last several years by Marguerite Samama, of Happy Tangling, over in the Netherlands.  She does charge a nominal fee for the month of prompts but it is absolutely worth it.



Here is the stepout for Hartfents

My stepout has the tangler drawing the hearts first in a grid (the way you would draw the squares first in W-2 or the circles in Huggins), so there is, true to the Zentangle Method – no erasing.   There is no pressure in this stepout to make the lines that comprise the grid all line up. — its more organic and “imperfect.”  However, if your sense of order is troubled by a cockeyed grid you can definitely draw the grid first and then overlay your shapes at the intersections.    You can see that version of the stepout in Cyndee’s video linked at the bottom of the page.

Here is a Video Demonstration of Hartfents


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