In Heidi’s signature workshop, re-experience your very first Zentangle tile in bright bold color… while staying true as possible to the Zentangle Method.


This is a prerecorded workshop of a live class taught on March 11, 2021. It has been edited to remove “quiet tangling time and extraneous chatter, but it is otherwise an unedited transcript.

Cost: $40 USD by itself. Bundle any three VOD Workshops for $100.  $30 for each additional class bought at the same time.  Contact Heidi at to register or for more information.



Students will create a stunningly vibrant “Intro to Zentangle” tile using fundamental and familiar tangles.

In this 2 hours and 30 minutes class you will learn:

  • how to prep a tile with a watercolor brush marker gradient,
  • best practices and materials for tangling over bold color, to maximize “color pop,” and ensure clean crisp layers; and
  • how to enhance your colorful tile’s beauty and depth by shading with grayscale Copics Sketch alcohol markers.

Student Acknowledgement, Terms and Conditions

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