Hello all!   Welcome to my blog!    It’s been a long time since I have posted.   That said, you probably know by now that I have stopped teaching classes.   I know I never made a proper blog post to say “Farewell.”   I am still kicking around now and tangling more for fun and creativity that I have in a long while.   As much as I enjoyed teaching, I realized that as a small business owner, (PediaStaff) combined with the part-time business teaching Zentangle and ZIA, I no longer had time to tangle, create and experiment just for me.

Well, it was a good decision, and I have been tangling lots for me, and while I miss my students terribly, it was definitely smart, and I am now enjoying more time BEING rather than just DOING.

An interesting side effect of this new direction is that I have found my creativity has actually gone up, now that there is no pressure for me to create.    This week, I was playing with the new CZT Zenthology and trying tangles I have never done or hadn’t done in a while and decided to play with Rumpus because it had been a long time!   And before you know it, I was “going off the grid,” and what I thought looked like a new tangle showed up.

I immediately realized that the basic element of the tangle looks like the vintage, 1970s era playing pieces from the Parker Brothers board game of the same name! I loved that game growing up, and we played it with my kids too. Like the game Uno, It was a great way to let them enjoy some sibling rivalry and have a whole lot of family laughter.

So I thought it would be a perfect name for the tangle.  Sorry seems to be quite versatile.  You can draw it organically with no pattern, it works well alternating directions, mix and match sizes and as a border or fragment.    If you are into mandalas and interesting symmetrical grids, Sorry can be drawn in the round, stacking, nesting, and blooming.

Here is the stepout for SORRY.

SORRY in the Round

SORRY About the Rumpus

I hope you enjoy it!  I will add more photos of tiles as I have them.  I am creating more as we speak!!  Please tag me on social media if you decide to try it.   I would love to see what you come up with.    On Instagram, I am @hk_tanglerczt33, and on Facebook, you can find me as Heidi Susan Kay and HKTangler CZT.  Not on social media?Please email me at heidi at hktanglerczt.com

Hugs, Heidi!




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