Updated:  I am so honored to hear that my tangle Spynes has been chosen for Inktober 2021.    I wrote this blog post some time ago, but I thought it would make sense to refresh it since people who are new to me might want to see the video stepouts.  I am SO grateful to Stephanie Jennifer and the team at Seven Fields Five Rivers for this opportunity!   Heidi x


——————————————————————————————-Spynes is one of those tangles that just “Fell out of my Pen” one morning when I was drawing.

I am a sucker for anything Printemps/spiral related, and I thought it could be cool to see what would happen if you used a spiral as a baseline or trellis on which to draw other elements.     It can be drawn in so many ways.  You can fill the cones, or the spiral itself.  You can “unfurl” it, and you can soften it and change the protruding element from a cone to virtually anything you want.

I hope you enjoy it!!




Here is the stepout for Spynes:


Here is a Short Video Demonstration of Spynes:


Please enjoy this Full-Length Workshop on Spynes:

Here are some of my creations with Spynes:

Other Links: 

Spynes as featured on TanglePatterns.com

Spynes Demonstrated on YouTube by Cyndee Pelley, The Tireless Tangler



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