The very first non Zentangle Headquarters tangle that I learned was Sand Swirl, by Kerry Huen. I love it for its simplicity and the tight auras. Lots and lots of Zen drawing sandswirl.  Kerry’s original stepout  has the tangler drawing one compete element before starting the auras on the additional “Fescu” starters.

What if, I thought, you aura’ed all of the Fescu starters once first, and then came back around for seconds, doing all of those auras before moving on to the third aura for each and so on?



This creates a “stepped aura” look like is featured in the tangles of Hibred, Auraknot and Arukas. This technique is also called the “double barrel technique.”

Another fun way to play with Stepped Sandswirl is to make the “Fescu loops” really big, and hollibaugh under them for a really cool effect.

Below you will find the Stepout for Stepped Sand Swirl and a video demonstration.



Here is the Stepout for Stepped Sand Swirl


Here is a Video Demonstration of Stepped Sand Swirl


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