Hi everyone!!!  Here are the details and all you need to sign up for A Sunflower for Ukraine – a live HK Tangler workshop over Zoom.

First of all, this workshop is a benefit for the Ukrainian people.   All proceeds will be donated to Global Giving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

I will be using the same supplies I used to create the original pictured here.  That said PLEASE COME AS YOU ARE if you do not want to spend on new materials!   

This 501c3  is a very highly rated (one of the very highest actually) charity on Charity Navigator.   You can learn more about them here.

Registration will be direct for this class and you will not need to email me first to sign up.    This workshop will have uncapped registration since it is for charity.

Date and Time:  Thursday, March 31, 2022, 5:30-8:30PM

Time Zone:   Eastern Standard Time

Cost:  $40.00 USD – There are no prerequisites for this workshop,    There is a good chance we will not finish the tile in class.   That said you will get the video of the class the next morning so that you can finish.   There is a lot of repetition to the steps in the shading and we will make sure that we cover all the steps live that you can finish on your own and work along with the video.   I promise we will do the shading and highlighting of couple of petals ALL the way through so that on the remaining petals, slower tanglers who don’t finish will know EXACTLY what to do on their own or alongside the video the next day.

SUPPLY LIST:  The supply list as I will be doing the tile is pretty involved.  Feel free to substitute however you see fit!  This is a benefit class.  Come as you are!

  • A 5″ square of hot press watercolor paper.   I recommend Winsor Newton hot press but any hot press will be sufficient for this workshop
  • Watercolor Paints – I will be using Daniel Smith Nickel Azo Yellow, Phtalo Blue Red Shade and Van Dyke brown. (colors to the right)   Best choices for Sakura Koi paints are Indian Yellow,  Permanent Blue Red, and Van Dyke Brown.   Don’t sweat it…just match the best you can.   A warm side yellow, red side blue and black side brown will be just great!!!    You can also mix your own shades ahead of time if you want, or mix on the fly.   Blick has half pans of the Koi colors open stock.
  • Waterbrush or Paintbrushes – a medium brush and small brush size are recommended.
  • Copic Alcohol Shading Grays – Please note that I do not recommend graphite for this project. Koi’s/Tombows/Zig will work if you are skilled with them for gradual shading.  See below for more information as to why graphite is NOT recommended.
  • Black and Sepia Sakura Glaze pens.  These add LOTS of pop to your work. You can do without but you will be sorry when you don’t have them, LOL.
  • Mustard Staedtler Triplus or Brown Micron 01.  The mustard is pretty awesome this is pretty key for tangling tone on tone, but brown works too!
  • Blue Staedtler Triplus or Blue Sakura Identipen
  • Black Identipen or Micron PN
  • A brown Sakura Identipen or brown Tombow/Koi brush pen
  • Warm Sepia Staedtler Triplus or Sepia Micron 01
  • A Gray 0.3 Copic Multiliner or Gray Sakura Micron
  • White chalk pastel pencil
  • Tortillion for white chalk
  • White Uniball 153 or 10 Gelly Roll
  • Paper towels or clean rag to dry brushes
  • Cup of water for watercolors
  • Palette of some type where you can mix your watercolors.  We will be using them in different intensities.
  • Blow Dryer – will will have to speed up the watercolor drying process

Also, please come to class prepared to use the following tangles:    Crazy Huggins, Purk, Sand Swirl, Mooka, Tripoli, Florz, Crescent Moon, Betweed, Hollibaugh, Printemps and Diva Dance Rock and Roll.    There will not be time for me to teach any of these tangles from scratch.  If you don’t know some of these and don’t have time to learn them, do not fret. You can fill the petals with any tangle, really,  I just chose these for balance of weight and drama.

I want to re-state I do NOT recommend graphite for this tile, and highly recommend alcohol markers because of their blendability and the fact that they will not disrupt the watercolor and the watercolor won’t disrupt them.     We will use the N0-N6 for this tile.  You can also use Tombow/Koi water based ink gray markers if you are already familiar with how to create shading depth with them.    The reason I do not recommend graphite is that we will be laying down watercolor, then shading and then refreshing the color again over top of our shading.   The graphite will tend to move around under the water and you will get a muddy look.  That said, if you are familiar with using watercolors and graphite together, feel free.

In addition, please join my Facebook group, Tangled in Living Color so you can post your tile for all your classmates (and the rest of our community) to see!

Questions? Email me please!  

Interested???  Pay me here through PayPal. Select “SEND” and type in $40 as well as a note letting me know its for this sunflower class.  Also, make sure you put your email address in the PayPal note, so I can contact you to confirm receipt of payment and send you the Zoom link.   This is crucial!!!    Enrollment is uncapped, so if you want in, you are in!

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