positive review 
I took the Intro to Zentangle in Living Color class with Heidi over the summer and it was amazing! She is an awesome teacher who made it easy to learn new techniques. Looking forward to joining her again in the future to expand my Zentangle portfolio. Thank you, Heidi!
Liz J.
If you love colors and art supplies... you will LOVE Heidi's classes. She is very enthusiastic in her teaching & really goes in depth with techniques to use your supplies. Classes are easy to follow & FUN! Heidi herself is easy going & recognizes the Artist in each and everyone of us! > Classes are well prepared with early documentation so you are ready to Tangle when the class starts.
Jules M.
positive review 
I took my first class with Heidi a few weeks ago and wow! It was awesome! Heidi goes the extra mile to make sure you get what you want out of her classes. The design was so innovative and fun to complete. As a fellow CZT I appreciated her knowledge and teaching style. I will DEFINITELY be taking more classes from Heidi.
Katy K.
positive review 
I have to say, I can’t believe that I actually made these! I took Heidi Susan Kay ’s wonderful VOD Class. Watercolor Backgrounds-Fun with Brush Pens. I’ve only been tangling for about 10 days, and I’m so pleased with my results using watercolors. She teaches several techniques in the video. I’m excited to try them as well. Just contact her to purchase this VOD class. It’s so fun and so worth it!💚💛💙 Thank you so much Heidi!💗
Terri H.
positive review 
Backgrounds from last night’s class with Heidi Susan Kay. This was so much fun! The group of women were wonderful, and Heidi is such a fun teacher and her exuberance for what she does really shines through. I highly recommend her classes. The energy is infectious and lingers on.
Denyse G.
positive review 
The sign of a great teacher is when her students feel safe and comfortable. Safe to explore, safe to make mistakes and comfortable asking for help. Heidi Susan Kay's classes offer all 3 and SO much more. Last night's class, Gathering Spectators was a journey into color, and layers and exploration. If you've not take a class with Heidi I would highly recommend you do. I loved every minute. Thanks Heidi! (my finished tile is in the comment section)
Susan R.
positive review 
Just had another amazing class with Heidi. What fun! Definitely had the brain cells working! Heidi's work is stunning and she is so generous about sharing it with us all.... step by step. And you are always made so welcome when you join the class which is lovely, especially when you are on the other side of the world! Thanks so much Heidi 🥰
Jenny B.
positive review 
Heidi is not only a great teacher, her techniques are fresh and fun!!! I haven’t zentangled in months and she got me out of a very long hiatus!! After our 3-hour class last night, I spent another few hours and snuck in a 2nd one while the steps were fresh in my mind. That’s a testament to how well she taught us!! I’d take more classes with her in a heartbeat!
Debbie M.
I took my first "Heidi" class working with the Ecoline markers. Very inspiring and Heidi does a nice job checking in with the artists to make sure you're onboard at all times. She is a very interactive and thoughtful teacher. I'm hoping to take more classes with her.
Nancy F.
Heidi is a friendly, welcoming, and superb teacher. I have attended two of her online classes. As a teacher myself, I appreciate the attention she pays to the supplies and lesson so that the class can be completed successfully. She clearly details the requirements and what she recommends for supplies, even providing some alternatives for some of the supplies. All in all, I highly recommend Heidi Susan Kay as a teacher and any of her classes.
positive review 
I would highly recommend Heidi Susan Kay's classes. She breaks an advanced technique into easy to follow steps. In each class I learn new tips that I can apply to all areas of my art. I love learning and working with new mediums... Panpastels, Ecoline markers. She really does take the fear out of it.

One of the things, I like the most is that she does not compromise the quality of supplies needed. When applicable she will give money saving options. But she will not recommend items that will not provide optimal results.
Penny D.
positive review 
I just took my first class from Heidi and I absolutely loved it. I am already planning my next Rench and Cassat combo using the same colors we used in class (but a different shape tile) and devouring the current class schedule to pick my next one. This was my first adventure in an official Zentangle class and it was wonderful. Heidi has a wonderful manner, great teaching method, beautiful examples and so much information. She lit a spark in my Zentangle life that i am sure will burn for a long while. I cant wait to get additional colors of the Ecoline brush pens so that i can play with creating new tiles while i wait for my next class with her. Thank you Heidi!
Nancy S.
I took a color class Spiralized Too with Heidi via video. It was my first class with her. Never taking a live class from her I was hesitant to take my first via video. But..I love her color tiles so much I decided to go for it. Heidi is such a heart centered, inspirational, knowledgeable, and very organized CZT instructor. I was able to follow along easily and because it was a video I could pause at any time. She makes the class fun with personal stories and helpful hits. Also, because the class was a pre-recorded class with students participating I felt part of a live zoom class. This was a beautiful and fun class. I learned so many new techniques to add to my zentangling. Thank you Heidi for all you do!
Valorie K.
positive review 
Heid is a well organized, flexible and knowledgeable teacher. I particularly like the fact that she keeps most of classes small to allow us more time to ask questions and learn comfortably. Heidi's love of color and tangles shines through bright and clear. She cares about her students and is always available, even outside of class. I've taken several classes and have learned so many tips and techniques using pan pastels, carbothellos and Ecoline markers. Another thing that I find valuable is that Heidi takes the time to create a detailed supply sheet and even attaches links to vendors who have the best prices. She takes the time to explain why certain products or tools are preferred and then leaves it up to the student to decide how to proceed. Once the classes are done, Heidi sends us the video which allows us to practice and create new tiles using her techniques. And as if all of the above was not enough, Heidi is delightful, funny, open-minded and truly caring. Any student taking a class with her is bound to feel extra special. Thanks for all you do Heidi!
Maryse C.
I have just finished my first class with Heidi. I plan on taking more if not all of her colorful Zentangle-inspired art classes. I am especially thankful for her insight about the supplies that she uses and why. I find this very valuable advice. She does give the students lessor expensive options and will explain that your finished piece of art may turn out a little bit different. Thus, saving me a heartbreak in the end with my finished ZIA. Heidi is a very fun and patient instructor. She shares many tips and tricks about how to get the best out of the class. Heidi causes you to stretch your imagination and limitations. Heidi is truly comfortable teaching her craft. She is very devoted to her students and makes herself available even after the class is over. I would encourage anyone that wants to get more into color and outside of the box to study with Heidi, a very gifted CZT.
Sharon B.
positive review 
The best recommendation for Heidi's classes is that I keep coming back for more! I've taken 13 classes to date from Heidi and am currently signed up for 4 more. Heidi produces beautiful artwork, and through her fabulous explanations and demonstrations, I am miraculously able to recreate them while learning methods to apply to my own ideas and make them sing. Heidi also shares all sorts of tips and tricks for getting the most out of the materials and supplies we are using. She generously shares all of her secrets and is continuously experimenting and learning herself so that she always has new and fresh ideas and information to share. It is a fun education and I find it rather thrilling to look at my own initials on something so vibrant and beautiful, on tiles I would have judged well beyond my abilities. Thank you, Heidi!
Lee A.
Heidi knows how to create a successful experience for her students. I am so pleased with my first ever color tile completed in Heidi Kay's, "Introduction to Living in Color," class. Heidi is an excellent teacher. Her directions are clear, and she checks in to make sure you are getting along well as the class proceeds. She explains her thinking as she goes along, so you understand the "why" of what you are doing. Heidi understands her materials well, and explains how and why they are used while she is teaching along. I look forward to learning more about using color in Zentangle from Heidi. I have already signed up for my next Zentangle color class from Heidi Kay.
Louise H.
Yesterday, I took a class from Heidi Kay. It was the second one I have taken from her. Heidi does amazing things with color, and her projects are unlike any others you see.
In just two classes, I have learned so much, and so many new techniques. Heidi so obviously puts a lot of time and preparation into her lessons. She is very thorough, very prepared, and very organized. A soon as you register for a class, you are sent a very informative email, with a supply list, where to purchase, and links. So easy!
The pace is good, and you don‘t feel rushed. She has a very calm manner, and a good sense of humor, as well. A wonderful experience all the way around!
Barb C.
positive review 
It was a joy attending Heidi's class on ‘Intro to Living Colour’. Her passion in sharing the Zentangle method came across naturally throughout the class. I always thought she has been a CZT for many years, but she shared in class that it was only not too long ago that she met Zentangle and became a CZT. She is also a natural teacher, taking us carefully and gently through each step to work with the colours and tangling. I really like the final artwork we produced. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to work with colours when tangling.
Wai F.
positive review 
Over the past year I have been taking online Zentangle classes. In many of these classes I kept hearing about “ecoline.” This was something I had never heard of. As I continued to hear about it I said I need to find out more. That’s exactly what I did! I signed up for one of Heidi’s classes using ecoline markers. I was instantly in love with the product and process that Heidi taught. She has a nurturing way of teaching and is clear and detailed with her instruction. I stayed up for hours after the class continuing to experiment. I am currently signed up for two future classes and look forward to many more with Heidi. She is excited about the products she is using and what she is creating and that comes through in her teaching. I highly recommend a class with her!
Danielle D.
positive review 
What an pleasure it was taking the class ‘intro to living colour’ with Heidi, learning an incredible new colourful technique and then tangling. It was an honour to learn this technique and it feels like I’m carrying on her colour legacy for many years to come. If you love colour and tangling I would definitely recommend this. Heidi, is a very friendly teacher and allows you the time to learn and ask any questions, during the class, you also hear about her zentangle story as well as the story of living colour. I am really looking forward to using this technique, and most of all attending many more of her classes, as I learn and develop the technique of living colour.
Tracy H.
positive review 
I highly recommend HK Tangler CZT as a excellent place to learn drawing techniques using Zentangle methods. I really enjoy her online Zentangle classes and the friendliness I find in each session, especially in this "Covid" age. I've attended six of her classes so far and I'm enrolled in one next week. Not only do I enjoy myself, I have also learned many tricks and tips that I would not have come up with myself and learned about some new drawing tools that I didn't know existed. My own artwork has improved a lot since taking Heidi's classes. Heidi is a wonderful teacher and artist. I first noticed her beautiful art work awhile back on a few Zentangle Facebook pages. Everything I've seen of hers is outstanding! I probably followed her a year or so and then I heard she was teaching online. I'm very glad I was able to attend and connect with her through her classes. Again, my artwork is so much better now because of Heidi's encouragement. She's a great motivator too. I plan to take many more of her classes in the future. Thank you Heidi Susan Kay!
Laura J.
positive review 
What more can be said about Heidi that hasn't already been said. Everything others have said is 100% accurate. I've taken a number of classes with various others and Heidi's was the first class that I was actually able to finish the tile and not get 1/2 way through, throw up my hands and give up. The pace of the class is perfect for a beginner like me - note the comment about actually finishing a tile 🙂 She picks the perfect tangles for the project and the techniques and tricks apply beyond the specifics of the class. I also appreciate that she packs the class full of information so even if the tile isn't complete during the class, I can walk away with the right instruction to complete it on my own or do it again. I love her style and teaching so much I sign up for classes the second I get the email 🙂 Keep on teaching Heidi - supporter for life here!!
Nichole P.
positive review 
I highly recommend Heidi’s classes. Heidi takes time to thoroughly explain the processes and techniques and ensures that everyone progresses during class. I also really appreciated all of the extra tips and tricks that Heidi shares on the art supplies used during class which is extremely helpful. Best of all Heidi’s class really encouraged me to explore colours in my tangles. I loved Heidi’s Zentangle In Living Colour class and I am looking forward to taking more classes with Heidi.
Kimberlea W.
positive review 
Heidi’s class could not have been any better. It was my first class with her and I had not worked with these brush pens before. I only knew that it was such an appealing project that I wanted to experience it for myself. Heidi‘s instructions were extremely thorough and easy to follow. Her timing was good and her enthusiasm and cheerfulness were wonderful. I look forward to taking other classes.
Michele G.
positive review 
Heidi is an amazing, well organized, creative teacher who brings out the best in her students. Heidi guided us thoughtfully & carefully so that we were comfortable learning and trying the new techniques. Our final products were beautifully exquisite. I have taken 2 classes so far, and can't wait to take future classes I signed up for. Thank you, Heidi, for your enchanting & nurturing approach to Zentangle & Art 🙂
Janet N.
positive review 
Heidi has a true love of teaching Zentangle. I took the Narwal class hoping I could finally get the hang of it. Heidi took us thru the steps at a perfect pace. Never felt rushed. You can just feel the enthusiasm of what she is teaching in her voice. Learned some new shading tricks and look forward to taking another class.
Debbie M.
positive review 
Heidi’s class was so much fun! She has a great sense of humour and a very enjoyable teaching style. The class was nicely paced and easy to follow along with. I also really enjoyed her warm up stretches! I have already signed up for another class with Heidi and I know it will be just as much fun.
Diane M.
positive review 
I highly recommend Heidi Kay and her classes! I have been admiring her work for some time and just recently got to experience her classes first hand. She takes her time and explains the process quite well, yet is quite enthusiastic about Zentangle and the method. Her artwork is quite unique and colorful which I love and I learn a lot each time I take a class from her. She also goes above and beyond for her students as well. I am thankful for Heidi and look forward to learning even more moving forward.
Melissa D.
positive review 
Really enjoyed the online class with Heidi! Learned many new techniques with colored pens. I would recommend the classes to anyone wanting to add some special effects with depth and color to their tiles. Heidi is a great teacher and will show you how! Thank you Heidi for a wonderful class! 😁😍
Jaqui M.