Students will learn to use commonly available drawing tools to create an intensely shaded Zentangle tile.



This is a prerecorded workshop of a live 2.5 hour class taught in November of 2019. It has been edited down to remove quiet tangling time and irrelevant chat.

Cost: $30.00 USD by itself.   Bundle any three VOD Workshops for $100.  $30 for each additional class bought at the same time.  . Contact Heidi at to register or for more information.

Please note: You will do all the tangling on your own with the direction of a written pre-class document.  The video covers the shading portion of the tile only.



In this large group format class of 2 hours and 30 minutes class you will learn:
• How to use Graphite supplemented with a gray fineliner for multi-layered shading
• How to use multiple layers of white chalk for highlighting that lifts tangles off the page
• How to use white Gel pen to create that “shiny look.”
• How to use a broad line ink pen along with graphite, white chalk and Gel Pen to create a ZenGem without colored pencils or colored pastel chalk.

Student Acknowledgement, Terms and Conditions

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