Last year I wrote a post for my Facebook page on how to create your own acrylic coasters with both square and Zendala shaped tiles. By request, I am reposting here on my blog for perpetuity, LOL! So here you go!!!

I made Zendala sized ones and bought a package of 4.5 inch round acrylic discs, a package of itty bitty rubber feet and a package of flat handing picture hangers. (see pictures) You will also need a can of clear drying photo mount spray. Additionally, you will also want to have a little bottle of “Goo Gone” or equivalent “desticky-nizer” handy in case you get extra spray where you don’t want it.

  1. Peel the protective film off of one side of two pieces
  2. Spray mounting spray at a distance on the front of your tile.
  3. Adhere the peeled side of the piece to the tile.
  4. Flip it over and spray the back side.
  5. Adhere the second disc.
  6. Peel the film off the back (if it has one)
  7. The adhesive will be a little cloudy at first but dries completely clear.
  8. Trim a little bit of excess off your tile that peeks out.
  9. Peel the front protective film off
  10. Add feet. I used six of these baby ones
  11. Add a picture hanger.

Your recipient can either use it as a coaster or hung up. You can also use a little clear silicone sealer around the edges to protect it from liquids.

I am making a BUNCH of these as gifts this year. I have also included the link below for square acrylic pieces, but I have used the BBDSGN DIY square coasters that were recommended by another CZT online. They are more economical, and easier, as you just insert the tile and snap the back piece on! They also have keychains, magnets and luggage tags!

Links to products used, all available on Amazon:
Plexiglass discs:
Plexiglass squares:
Picture hangers:
Rubber Feet:
Photo Mount:

Hope it all makes sense!! You can always feel free to contact me through my website or Facebook Messenger. Happy Tangling – Heidi x

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