I have never been much of a dancer.   Correction:  I am NOT and have never been – in any way, shape or form – a dancer.  My idea of dancing is hopping around listening to Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphy’s at an Irish pub like I was on a pogo stick.  No mosh pit for me though.  I am too injury prone!

My favorite dancing to watch is the slick choreography and precision of an ensemble on Broadway.  Newsies, Guys and Dolls, Billy Elliott, A Chorus Line, Oklahoma, Thoroughly Modern Millie, West Side Story… (I could keep going!)


When I am in the Zentangle world, I do love a good Diva Dance though.  Especially Diva Dance Rock and Roll!

I was playing around with the original Diva Dance in an open space when Two Left Feet happened.  (thank you Chris Titus for the name!!).

The idea is to start just like regular Diva Dance, and then whenever the mood strikes you, flip it back over itself, until the mood strikes you to turn around again.  The magic is in step two in the stepout below.  It is definitely meant for organic, open spaces.  If you try it inside of a contained string it will look indistinguishable from the original Diva Dance.


Maybe next time you are at a wedding, and Uncle Saul stumbles around the dance floor after tee many martoonies, you will think of Two Left Feet!    Try it!  Its fun!

Here is the stepout for Two Left Feet

Here is a Video Demonstration of Two Left Feet

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