About three months ago,  Chris Titus at Square One Purely Zentangle featured a new tangle called Ziraffe, by Carla Jooren, CZT  I fell in love with it in its own right, and did a couple of tiles that got me really addicted to this tangle.

As I drew it, what caught my eye was the inner shape of Zirrafe’s “legs,” especially if you drew them far apart from each other.   I love matching up tangles that fit together and it seemed to me like TamiSolo, by Hanny Nura, would go with Ziraffe like peanut butter goes with jelly!  And it does!


One of the things I love most about our Zentangle community is how we all come together to share out unique talents.  I am very grateful to both Carla and Hanny for letting me write up the stepout for you!    Enjoy!!  – Heidi x

Here is the stepout for ZiraffiSolo











Here is a Video Demonstration of ZiraffiSolo







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