No Coloring tools blend quite as easily as chalk pastel pencils.  Try Heidi’s super cool tangelation mashup of both Giraffe and Tamilsolo while learning how to incorporate Carbothello Chalk Pastels Pencils into your tangling experience with minimal chalk dust mess!

In this 3 hour class, students will learn:

  • How to draw a fun tangelation of Ziraffe and Tamilsolo
  • How to use color your work after tangling by applying and blending Carbothello Chalk Pastel pencils
  • How to use workable Fixative Spray to resurface background color to reduce chalk dust mess to a minimum
  • How to shade and highlight Chalk Pastel Pencil work while keeping colors vibrant
  • How to use Black Glaze Pen to give your tile some extra depth and pop!

Cost$30 USD by itself.   It is also available as a package 3/$100 with other qualifying workshops.   Contact Heidi at to register or for more information. 

Student Acknowledgement, Terms and Conditions

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